The art of work life balance is to maintain balance within

"Meditation helps restore us to equilibrium, which is the natural state of human existence. This is the secret to achieving a "work-life-family balance."

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Overusing the Right Channel

Over working and over-exertion mentally and physically, excessive planning for future events, juggling with hectic schedules – this is the classic case where you could be overusing the energy of the Right Energy Channel or Right Sympathetic nervous system. It is a common routine in modern work life but it can become very unsettling over time. A person who overuses this Right Energy Channel too much can never enjoy a moment’s peace or rest, and can never sit still. Such a personality will never take no for an answer and can be in danger of collapsing under the weight of too much workload.


Overusing the Left Channel

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to express and manage our feelings, emotions and our desires within us and in others. While human desires are the main motivator of our endeavours, our emotions are closely related to the fulfilment of desires. For example, unfulfilled expectations in some situations could trigger very strong negative emotions in some people. This is related to the use of the energy of the Left Channel or Left Sympathetic Nervous system. If the Left Energy Channel is overused, such a person could become prone to depression, anxiety, self-conditioned thoughts and develop all kinds of psychosomatic illnesses.  

The wonder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is that for the first time, we are given the tools which can literally change our lives and improve our personality traits. We learn how to achieve a balanced state within us and still cope with life’s up and down in a calm and stable manner.