Experience the cool subtle energy!! This is key to self knowledge…

"The only journey is the journey within, as we all are beautifully made".



In fact all of us have innate knowledge and wisdom to understand what is right and wrong. Within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. We cannot seek it outside. We have to go ‘within' - in the meditative state and enjoy your own reflection and it's beauty.

However, but due to our conditioning and ego of the mind that's developed with the society, family background, friends circle, personal achievement, perspective and books, we tend to act superficially rather than natural and spontaneous knowledge of within. Through Sahaja Yoga Meditation, our attention goes within and helps to connect us with our ‘Self’ which is actually the only reality and the source.

When you become attuned to your own energy centers, you have live and constant feedback of where you're going wrong or even right. This self-diagnosis allows you to immediately pinpoint and understand wrong behaviors and take corrective action.

This is something you have never known so far! But its not too late, Through Sahaja Yoga Meditation, you will learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom and strengthen it to reach the highest potential.