Why pay for something, that is already yours?

"Inner energy is pure and natural like the Mother Nature"


The irony of the modern times’ consumer society is that everything is sellable and we don’t value something which is freely available. We are ready to pay money for expensive courses, spiritual organizations and even to false ‘gurus’, of all which who promise us to achieve something which is external and may be beneficial superficially but there is no achievement of the without achieving the reality of within.

In Sahaja Yoga Meditation activates and helps to trust on your inner energy, which is a living energy naturally born within every individual as is the natural elements. Like the Mother Nature it soothes you and pours all the benefits without expecting anything in return.

Another good thing is that an individual can practice Sahaja Meditation by himself / herself and also pass it along to as many people as he / she wants without having to depend on some central figure or guru or personality. There is no organization or hierarchy in Sahaja Yoga Meditation. You can join in a meditation session anytime and are free to exit if you are not satisfied for any reason anytime, there is no membership tracking.