Why pay for something, that is already yours?

"Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a spontaneous natural process of making the inner energy aware and accessible to you".

This energy is present in each and everyone of us. As Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation says "Why pay for something that is already yours?" So there is no question we should pay or charge to enjoy this energy. Sahaja Yoga meditation helps to make this energy aware and accessible to you and that you can become master of it.

The Moreover work of this energy is a natural and spontaneous process to give a state of meditation state, without any side effects, that can be verified on our finger tips and central nervous system. If you observe around and you will recognize that all important things and natural processes are freely available. How much do we pay to mother earth to sprout seeds or to bloom flowers, how much do we pay to digest and breathe?



Instructors themselves are regular practitioners of Sahaja Yoga meditation practicing it over the years with their own individual professional background. But as a part of social collective responsibility they share up their experience and time free of cost. Why not try it once, it’s definitely worth a try, nothing to loose?

Try now Guided Meditation with around 4 minutes of simple activity as open minded scientist and experience the natural subtle energy.

Through meditation and simple clearing techniques taught in the classes, you can improve the energy centers and achieve optimum state of health and inner balance.

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