Experience the cool subtle energy!! This is key to self knowledge…

"If picture says thousand words then experience is probably worth million words. In simple words, you can experience your subtle body’s energy flow through Sahaja Yoga Meditation"


Sounds unbelievable!! But you don’t need any machine or expert to tell you about your own subtle body or energy system.

This happens because the nerve endings on the fingers are connected to the different energy centers and organs, just like in traditional system of acupressure. Once you are ‘enlightened’, you start developing sensitivity on your central nervous system. In a short while, you can feel how well the inner energy is flowing on your hands and how balanced your system really is. This ‘Self-knowledge’ is concrete, verifiable and is tangible like science itself and completely understandable in rational term.

Energy centers and channels govern all aspects of our life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Fingers and palm start reflecting good state or blockage state of these energy centers (plexus in medical term) and channels (nervous system in medical term) through gentle cool or warm breeze or tingling sensation. It helps to realize our self correctly, which is truth recorded by your own body and not based on our own mental projection and conditioning, or understood through relatives and friends, or interpreted by doctors and psychologists.

Try now Guided Meditation with around 4 minutes of simple activity as open minded scientist and experience subtle energy flow on your hands, the first step to know yourself.

Through meditation and simple clearing techniques taught in the classes, you can improve the energy centers and achieve optimum state of health and inner balance.

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