Individual employees with reduced stress levels, improved attention and a sense of contentment contribute to the success of the company. Sahaja Yoga Meditation can help improve workplace dynamics, which leads to better productivity.

Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation for your company.

  • Stress Management – Unexpected situations at work requiring urgent attention increase stress and anxiety levels. Not knowing how to handle work assignments may cause fear and insecurity in employees. Regular meditation teaches us how to remain calm and guides us in handling the situation.
  • Self-confidence – Meditation helps us self-introspect and know ourselves better. When we have a better awareness of who we are, we will have self-confidence. This improves inter-personal relationships with peers and management.
  • Leadership – Leading a group of people requires various skillsets. Meditation helps develop leadership qualities like courage, creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, social awareness, and the ability to influence others.
  • Patience – When faced with challenges, a negative reaction makes the situation worse. Patience prevents us from reacting, and allows us to view the situation with clarity, leading to proper assessment and effective decision making. Meditation instils patience within us.

Customized Sessions

Let us know what you need for your organization and we will customize meditation sessions and workshops for you.

  • All sessions and workshops are free of cost.
  • The duration and recurrence of the sessions and workshops will depend on your requirements.

If you wish to organize a program or workshop in your organization, please contact us.

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