Children today are exposed to many modern day influences that have an adverse impact on their attention, behaviour, and communication skills. Sahaja Yoga Meditation helps to reverse this, and bring out their innate qualities like compassion, being respectful, and having the ability to focus.

Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation for children.

  • Social skills – Children learn to communicate in a respectful manner with adults and other children, and are at ease whether in groups or individual interactions. Meditation gives them self-esteem that allows them to conduct themselves well in various social settings.
  • Self-confidence – Sahaja Yoga Meditation reduces fears, anxiety and insecurities, and gives children a great sense of confidence. This in turn allows their natural abilities and talents that might have been hidden, to shine through.
  • Creativity – When children are relaxed as a result of meditation, their natural creative skills get manifested. Sahaja Yoga Meditation helps children realize their potential.
  • Memory and Attention – Modern day gadgets and devices have affected the memory and shortened the attention span of children, resulting in reduced cognitive skills. Meditation brings peace and calmness to a tired brain, helping to rejuvenate the mind.

Weekly Classes

We conduct Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes for children.

  • All classes are taught free of cost.
  • Classes last up to 1 hour.
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If you wish your child to learn meditation, they can join the children’s class.

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