Gerald Lim

Born and raised in Singapore, I first discovered Sahaja Yoga Meditation during my undergraduate days in England more than 20 years ago. A series of incredible, profound and blissful meditative experiences transformed my life outlook and convinced me that peace, joy, true knowledge and self-empowerment lie within one’s being.

Having worked in Hong Kong, China and Singapore as a project economist and urban development consultant, I find Sahaja Yoga Meditation immensely helpful in all aspects of life, be it mental clarity and focus, health and fitness, relationship building or creative pursuits. I enjoy helping people discover their Self-realisation and meaning through meditation. Bilingually fluent in English and Mandarin, I facilitate classes in both languages, and have translated a book about the science of Sahaja Yoga Meditation into Mandarin.

An amateur musician, gems collector and avid hiker, I also enjoy reading the works of William Blake, Tagore and Chuangtse over a cup of Earl Grey tea. I believe life’s enjoyment is enhanced when the “doors of (our) perception were cleansed” (Blake).

Guo Jieying

I've been practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation for 10 over years, since my student days.

Before discovering Sahaja Yoga Meditation, I had been searching for ways and techniques to keep myself calm and relaxed. I found Sahaja Yoga techniques simple, easy to follow and highly effective.

Now I'm working as a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician, and meditation has helped to reduce my thoughts and balance my emotions. It has inspired creativity, brought out my qualities, and instilled self-knowledge within me. I want to share all the benefits I've gained from Sahaja Yoga Meditation with others who are keen to learn about it !

Vishal Sharma

I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation since 1997. I was still in school, when I first began practicing meditation. Somebody had told, meditation helps in study for better results, I wondered, meditation cannot be more boring than study and took the leap of faith into meditation. The experience of meditation left me awestruck, it was indeed very peaceful and convincing. I fell in love with it and never looked back since. Though it did help me in study, but I feel, good results, better performance in office or home is just a by-product, while what we also experience the much needed peaceful state of joy and calmness in our day to day life is most valuable benefit.

Today, I manage IT projects in a multinational organization, and have been facilitating Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes for 15 years. An ardent lover of classical music and person who loves travelling to different places.

Yong Hui Hua

I’m currently working in an administrative role whilst studying to be a social worker.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation has helped me to understand myself better, and to manage my emotions. It guides me as I face life’s challenges.