Stress Management Program

"Meditation Never Been So Cool"

Sahaja Yoga Meditation, a registered non-profit society in Singapore, offers free stress management program to all organizations including corporate offices, colleges and school across Singapore.

A typical program runs over one session for 70mins and aims to teach attendees meditation practice or techniques they can use to reduce stress, increase inner energy levels, develop holistic health and improve clarity of thought.

Attendees learn how to work more successfully as part of a team in a calm and detached way, as well as how to let go of the pressures of work through a stronger sense of work life balance, resulting in a more productive workforce.

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Similar stress management programs from Sahaja Yoga Meditation are conducted all over the world. Sunrise TV Show staff (Australia) experimented with Sahaja Yoga Meditation and most of participants were surprised that while sitting above the busy news production room where phones going off and people having conversations, how easy it was to achieve the space of silence and peace within 10 minutes of meditation process.


Program Structure

Stress management session is an interactive experience where participants are encouraged to consider why meditation relaxation techniques can help them in their daily working life, and then to practice practical meditation techniques. The techniques are easy to learn and practice; no physical exercises, postures or special clothing is required.

Program is run by volunteers who have experience in conducting stress management programs in corporate offices, colleges and community clubs in Singapore and are willing to share as a social responsibility. Programs are usually run in meeting rooms within company offices with no change required in logistics, and can be conducted during the office hours like lunch break, without requiring participants to take separate time off.

Typical Program Activities:


Powerpoint and video presentation talk on topics

  • Meditation definition and misconceptions
  • Inner subtle system of energy centers and channels
  • Scientific research
  • Tangible benefits

Meditation Experience

  • Guided meditation to achieve mental silence
  • Experience and balance inner energy levels


Interactive Sessions

  • Tips to self-practice and adopt in day to day activities
  • Questions and Answers



  • Handouts of key points covered to support long term application of learning
  • Peace felt during the program :) 
Program Reviews

Stress Management programs conducted in Singapore for Singtel, UBS, NCS, Singapore Police, NTUC Income, Hewlett Packard (HP), GE Capital, Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), Wipro, Infineon, Captive Finance, Citi Bank, Credit Suisse Bank, ST Microelectronics, Aviva Intertrust, CXA, Heineken, Huamin Primary School, NTU, NUS, Shelton College International etc. Some of the reviews: 

Stress management program for RISQ Group, Sony Pictures & Northern Trust – Apr & May 2019

Stress Management Program For LTA - February 2019

Stress Management Program For M+W Group - Sep 2018

Stress Management Program For Keppel Logistics, Wiley & Paypal - Jul 2018

Stress Management Program for Starbucks and SGH - March 2018

Stress Management Program for Parts Precision in Meditation Center – Feb 2018

Stress management program for DSO, HSBC & Sage – Jan & Feb 2018

Stress management program for Wiley - 15 Sep 2017

Stress Management Program for TUV SUD PSB - July to Sep 2017

Stress Management Program for Lunch Actually Group - June 2017

Stress Management Program for CXA & UBS - Apr-May 2017

Stress management program for Heineken - Oct 2016

Stress management program for Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd and Aviva - May 2016

Stress Management Program for Singapore Police

Stress Management Program for NTUC Income and ROHM Semiconductor – Sep-Nov 2015

Stress Management Program for Singtel, Great Eastern, CXA & GE 

Stress Management program at Credit Suisse Bank Singapore

Stress management program at Shelton College International Singapore

Corporate Program for 'Save the Children' (Asia Regional Office)

Stress Management program at ST Microelectronics Singapore


Support after the program

There are regular free meditation classes open to the public across Singapore should the participants wish to continue practice and grow in meditation for long lasting benefits. In each program, detail information on subtle energy centers and channels is explained, which are the root of our physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Importantly attending classes helps to achieve and retain the actual experience of meditation or mental silence easily, specially for the beginners who find practising in home or alone difficult.

Benefits to you and your organization

Practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation offers a huge variety of benefits from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual; the benefits a person experiences are usually suited to their needs. Quick evidences of Sahaja Yoga Meditation benefits are the relaxation of breathing, normalization of blood pressure, reduction in unnecessary thoughts or mental silence state and improvement in sleeping, which are the key factors of healthy body and mind.

Meditating as little as 10 mins a day can significantly improve your mental health. A World First study has just proven how and why it works…


Meditation Benefits details.

Unique about the program

First of all Sahaja Yoga Meditation charges no money unlike many of stress management programs, and series of programs has been successfully conducted in organizations around the globe.

One of the only meditation technique perhaps, which has been extensively researched by the doctors and scientists, and benefits are well proven and documented. Refer summary of Scientific Research.

Most of the participants, even beginners to meditation, experiences mental silence during first time practice without much effort.

Why we are doing

‘Work Stress’ has become a modern day epidemic, but trials have shown that an ancient practice could be the best way to beat it. Meditation is proving effective and it costs virtually nothing.

To book for the program email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us @ 9182 6131 / 9237 4027.