Awards and Recognitions

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi have been recognized and received numerous awards and accolades in recognition of her work for humanity and improving the human condition. 

Twice nominated for Noble Peace prize.

Romania, 1995, Awarded PhD in Cognitive Science from the Ecological University of Bucarest.

China, 1995, Official guest speaker at the Women's Conference in Beijing as a guest of the Chinese Government.

Brazil, 1994, Presented with the key to the City of Brasilia following official sponsorship of the series of Sahaja Yoga programs in the country.

St. Petersburg, USSR, 1993, Invited to inaugurate the now annual International Conference on Medicine and Self-Knowledge.

Moscow, 1989, Government sponsorship of Sahaja Yoga research granted after meeting between Shri Mataji and the Russian Minister of Health at that time.

Italy, 1989, Named Personality of the Year by the Italian Government.

New York, 1989-1994: Invited by the United Nations Sahaja Yoga Organization for four consecutive years to speak on ways to achieve world peace.

Greeted by the mayors of several cities in North America: Yonkers, NY, 1994 & 1996, Los Angeles, 1993 and 1994, British Columbia, 1994, Cincinnati 1992, Philadelphia 1993, Berkeley, 1997

105th Congress, 1997 and 106th Congress, 2000: Honorarium read into Congressional Record byCongressman Eliot Engle commending Shri Mataji for her dedicated and tirelesswork for humanity.

"Shri Mataji's discovery brings genuine hope to humanity." Claes Nobel, (grandnewphew of Alfred Nobel, Nobel Peace Prize Foundation) Chairman of the United Earth Organization.