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Join the growing trend of people in over 100 countries who have discovered the benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation!! It's easy to learn and a great stress-buster! Restore inner balance and health in body, mind and spirit without medication. Above all, experience and achieve self-knowledge and holistic wellness. All classes are conducted FREE of charge.

Guided Meditation

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Meditation For Children


Children are the best candidate for meditation because they are simple, joyful, spontaneous and in the present. That’s actually we all are trying to achieve in meditation. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is designed to be simple to learn, making it easy for children pick up, enjoy and then practice on their own.

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Stress Management Program

 Meditation never been so cool

Stress management programs can help you and your organization to reduce stress related problems at no cost, resulting in a more productive workforce and better work life balance.

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The Subtle Energy System

The Subtle Energy System 





The Subtle System within us governs all important aspects of life - physical, mental and emotional. Sahaja Yoga Meditation empowers you to balance the subtle system and hence balance all aspects of our life.

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Meditation for young adults and teens


Meditation for young adults and teens - Life only gets better with inner peace, start an amazing journey within.

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News and Events

>> Heart Mind Body Festival, Suntec City - 26 to 28 Apr 2019

>> Stress management program for RISQ Group, Sony Pictures & Northern Trust – Apr & May 2019

>> Stress Management Program For LTA - February 2019

>> Light To Night Festival - National Gallery - Jan-Feb 2019

>> Meditation awareness for community in flea market - Jan 2019

>> Stress Management Program For M+W Group - Sep 2018

>> Stress Management Program For Keppel Logistics, Wiley & Paypal - Jul 2018

>> International Yoga Day Program - June 2018

>> Meditation Awareness Program For CDAC Seniors - Apr to Jul 2018

>> Smart Kids Asia Fair, EXPO - March 2018

>> Meditation awareness program for community - March 2018

>> Stress Management Program for Starbucks and SGH - March 2018

>> Stress Management Program for Parts Precision in Meditation Center – Feb 2018

>> Stress management program for DSO, HSBC & Sage – Jan & Feb 2018

>> Stress management program for Wiley - 15 Sep 2017

>> Stress Management Program for TUV SUD PSB - July to Sep 2017

>> International Yoga Day - June 2017

>> Stress Management Program for Lunch Actually Group - June 2017

>> Heart Mind Body Festival, Suntec City - 12 to 14 May 2017

>> Stress Management Program for CXA & UBS - Apr-May 2017

>> Smart Kids Asia Fair, EXPO - 17 to 19 March 2017

>> Children meditation program during school holidays – Nov-Dec 2016 

>> Stress management program for Heineken - Oct 2016

>> ‘Music Of Joy’ Asia Tour To Singapore - July 2016

>> Meditation and play program for Student Care Centers - June 2016

>> International Yoga Day - Meditation and Yoga Exercises - June 2016

>> Stress management program for Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd and Aviva - May 2016

>> Meditation awareness program for NUS and NTU students - April 2016

>> Smart Kids Asia Fair, EXPO - 18 to 20 March 2016

>> Meditation awareness and wellness sessions for elders in Community Clubs – 2015

>> Stress Management Program for Singapore Police – 2015

>> Stress Management Program for NTUC Income and ROHM Semiconductor – Sep-Nov 2015

>> International Yoga Day, Singapore – 2015

>> Stress Management Program for Singtel, Great Eastern, CXA & GE - April-June 2015

>> Music, Dance and Meditation Programs - April-July 2015

>> Smart Kids Asia Fair, EXPO – 19 to 22 March 2015

>> Stress Management Program for Well-being initiative by ST Microelectronics, Sep-Oct 2014

>> Meditation Workshop for Parents on Teacher’s day (Organized by Boon Lay CC) – September 2014

>> Corporate Program for 'Save the Children'(Asia Regional Office) - June 2014

>> Stress Management Program For Youth May 2014 – Organized by STEP 

>> Stress Management through Meditation, Credit Suisse Bank Singapore 

>> Participation at Mind Body Spirit Festival (Singapore Flyer)

>> Stress Management Program at Shelton College Singapore

>> Public Talk on "Scientific Research on the Benefits of Meditation" (Suntec City)

>> Participation at the Holistic Living Festival (Suntec City)

>> Music Therapy Concert - Meditation & Music (GIIS)

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